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A Quick Update

Posted in Uncategorized on December 2, 2011 by Sarah aka Sarjé

To those of you who are visiting NaNoWriMo participants, welcome. I’m glad to report that after six years of trying, I am finally an official winner of NaNo. I’m going to continue writing through the next few months, in order to complete the first draft of my novel, and then will work on the heavy editing it’s going to need to be a legible manuscript! Once it’s been through the first-run editing, I’ll be looking for beta readers.

I’m hoping to participate in a new writer’s group starting up out of the ashes of November. However, it looks to be a bit further than I’d like to commute. So I may start up a group closer to home. We shall see.

I have been keeping very busy since my last post. I have become an Apprentice Soapmaker, with a cottage industry business out of St. Paul. I have also had the experience of working various jobs at several Renaissance Festivals in the midwest, and am now putting in some part-time hours at a “pop-up” art gallery (where we are contributing our soaps, lotions, and more to the venture).

I mainly wanted to check in to let anyone interested know that I am in fact still alive, and writing. I hope to get some passages of the novel posted after they’ve gone through editing. I’ve also got some poems and short stories in the works. Expect more writing by Sarah Haynes in 2012!

Until next time, be well, and happy holidays.