A Return to Writing–2013 Goals

At long last, I return to write again. I have been sadly lagging in my productivity as a writer, these long months. But now, again, I have no excuse. I received a new laptop–from which I am writing this post–for Christmas, and I hope to utilize it to redevelop my writing habits.

As it is the end of the year, I feel it’s only fitting to list my goals for the coming one. I did something similar a few years ago, though it wasn’t at the New Year–a visual goal-map. This year, I’ll admit, I just don’t have the time to create a visual representation of my goals. To be honest, much of what’s on the old one still stands, but I’m a bit more specific these days, I think.

I should be clear, that I intend to be kind to myself about these goals. I am not one for “resolutions.” I never have been, as I feel they are entirely too “loaded.” The deck is stacked against you if you are too hard on yourself about what you want to change or improve in your life. These are just things I want to work on/towards, throughout the upcoming (albeit, arbitrarily determined) year.

So, without further ado:

I intend to be kinder to my body.

This includes endeavoring to improve my intake in all regards, and utilize my physical capacities to a greater extent. To be more specific, I intend to “redesign” my physical makeup by returning to a “diet” that worked for me in the past–The Slow-Carb Diet, as described in Timothy Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Body. I also intend to quit smoking cigarettes. And, if I’m really good, perhaps I’ll get back to practicing yoga, and even get my road cycle fixed up to start using in the warm months.

I intend to be kinder to my spiritual and creative self.

This includes improving my living space and making room in my schedule for spiritual and creative needs. Ideally, I will develop habits that allow me to get the rest, relaxation, and meditation I need. I will develop good habits of practicing creativity. (Hopefully, this also means more regular posts in this blog, and perhaps in others, as well…I’m thinking about re-introducing my film reviews on The Cinema Virus!)

I intend to appreciate (and improve) my everyday personal and professional life.

Mainly, this entails continuing/advancing my career path (which has changed, I am now a manager at a pizza place), and taking (or making) opportunities so I don’t stagnate. I am very grateful to have a job, and hopeful that I will be able to keep growing it as a career. That said, I also want to work and help my friends (something I’ve been able to do from time-to-time in the last year), and work on my own business endeavors. For the time being, I want to focus on getting published!

I’d also like to maintain my personal relationships, keep making new friends, and make the time for social interaction.

In closing, 2012 was a very good year for me, in many regards. I got a promotion, I interacted socially in lots of new venues, I worked on maintaining my existing relationships, and made a lot of new friends. I also went through some tough times, personally and professionally–but I prefer not to dwell on the negative, or indeed, on the past in general. I am very grateful for all the experiences that have gotten me to this point, and I am looking forward to the coming days. While, of course, remaining…right here. In this moment.

What are your plans and goals for 2013?

In gratitude and joy,



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