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My life, briefly

Posted in Personal Notes with tags on March 16, 2013 by Sarah aka Sarjé

Here’s what’s going on. My work is crazy.

My roommate is going through some shit. And I love her immensely. To paraphrase Billy Mack, she’s the fucking love of my life. So that’s weighing on me. And I can’t be here.

In fact, I’m not being a great friend or family member at all, because I work so much, and my hours are so weird (9-5 here, 4PM-2AM there), I don’t sleep like a human, but in fits and starts, and often waking with the worry that I’ve missed a shift.

I have people at distance I can’t speak to, because my available hours are often 4 am to whenever I crash. Or 1 pm until 1:30 when I have to catch the bus. It’s pretty damn messed up.

I’ve been dealing with this weirdness for a while, plus a lot of other nonsense and sense, and it weighs me down.

All I can hope is that at some point, I really hit my stride. It may not be as a writer or an author. But in some way.

I’ve always been good at plans, not always good at following through. But I can tell you, my plan is not to remain a low-level manager for the remainder of my days. So I gotta figure it out.

After some sleep.