My life, briefly

Here’s what’s going on. My work is crazy.

My roommate is going through some shit. And I love her immensely. To paraphrase Billy Mack, she’s the fucking love of my life. So that’s weighing on me. And I can’t be here.

In fact, I’m not being a great friend or family member at all, because I work so much, and my hours are so weird (9-5 here, 4PM-2AM there), I don’t sleep like a human, but in fits and starts, and often waking with the worry that I’ve missed a shift.

I have people at distance I can’t speak to, because my available hours are often 4 am to whenever I crash. Or 1 pm until 1:30 when I have to catch the bus. It’s pretty damn messed up.

I’ve been dealing with this weirdness for a while, plus a lot of other nonsense and sense, and it weighs me down.

All I can hope is that at some point, I really hit my stride. It may not be as a writer or an author. But in some way.

I’ve always been good at plans, not always good at following through. But I can tell you, my plan is not to remain a low-level manager for the remainder of my days. So I gotta figure it out.

After some sleep.


2 Responses to “My life, briefly”

  1. I really hope you hit your stride. Erratic sleep patterns really do mess up the best laid plans

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