NaPoWriMo 2013 / The Second

I just found out from Joseph Harker that it’s NaPoWriMo, aka National Poetry Writing Month, in the same vein as NaNoWriMo, which I’ve mentioned before. I have been on a more poetic kick lately, and could stand to force myself into a more frequent writing practice again, so hey, let’s try it! They offer writing prompts, but I’m not going to worry about strictly doing anything except getting something posted as often as I can during the remainder of the month. For those who missed it, I did write a poem called The Whining Wheel earlier this week/month, which was partially inspired by lines from Hamlet.

So, this is poem number two of the month.

The Second

The second time around can be better than the first,

Not wide-eyes and hopes pinned, but curious still,

and sillier, perhaps. The second man can be

nearly as wise, nearly as clever, or perhaps moreso

if you spot it in time. The second hand can be

gentler or firmer or simply more in tune with your sense

of self. The seconds can tick by more calmly,

since you’re less afraid and less concerned.

And then the second time will end, and you will move on to the third.

But the number two, is not nearly as lonely

as songs will make it out to be. In two, you have a pair,

whether Kings and Queens or twins that lose or win

together. Number Two might be third string,

but a third act can change the world.

Left to your own devices now, ask yourself,

Who is Number One? (“You are Number Six,”

“I am Not a Number.”) So You are Number One,

and I am Number Nothing.


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