Hemingway House

Naming Constellations (Joseph Harker) proposed this poem challenge, and I decided to take him up on it for today’s NaPoWriMo entry (not sure I’ve met all points, but it’s a try, anyhow):

Write a poem in three stanzas that features a place, a person in that place, and the thoughts going through their mind. Include at least one image that is both highly specific to each of those three, and one description for each that is very general. Try to keep it colloquial, but also try to include any of: a car model, a color name with a proper noun in it, and a specific time of day. Don’t meander all the way through: have a point by the end!

Hemingway House

Tawny twilight begins to creep through the dusty windows of the house

at Whitehead Street, across the perfectly made beds,

slept upon only by the cats, who roll and slumber in the last heat of day.

The younger ones are prowling by the pool, in the gardenias:

The penny glimmers its last, as I close the balcony door.


The Southernmost point is brimful of tourists hoping to see the

Kelly green flash of sunset. Meanwhile, I clean, and stop to stroke

a long-furred polydactyl. I silently bless them as I walk

over the bones of their forefathers, all lovingly marked,

their headstones a pathway, well tread.


Bob is waiting for me at the Lighthouse, and we meet, well met

to celebrate our lives, the way the author would, in an ideal world,

with Mojitos and good company. A Microbus rolls by, as we stroll to Duvall.

Tonight we will croon and shake and embody joy.

We can hear the revelry calling us: the thriving night takes hold.



Writing this really makes me want to go back to Key West. I had been planning a poem about it anyway, as yesterday I had spoken with a colleague about my last visit there. But doing a bit of research for this poem, looking at photos and remembering the energy of the place, I am definitely wanderlusting.

I look forward to reading some feedback, if you should care to offer it, dear readers. My gratitude!



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