Wake up, my darling. It’s time

to get to wherever you are going.

It’s time to say Good Mourning

and it’s time to say Goodbye.


Walk in the wake, the flowing

of the water at the edge. Feel

the rhythm of our heartbeats. Know

they beat for you today.




We’ll wake you with a grapefruit

to share, and a beer all to ourselves.

We’ll wake you with poems

and with stories and with hymns.

We’ll wrap ourselves in black:

in remembrance, in gratitude.

We’ll take a piece of Kransekage,

and a shot of Akvavit.

We’ll talk, and cry, and toast;

we’ll laugh at what you’d think.

This is the ceremony of the living,

There will be things that you would hate.

But it will be in love and sorrow,

best-intended, that we meet.


There are many things I can say about remembrance. But this is what I can say now. It is imperfect, but also a reminder: that I have time yet to return and to think on these ideas more.


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