The Consoling Cards and Such

Today’s poem is utilizing Miz Quickly’s prompt for April 6. Time has become pretty irrelevant to me, lately (as one might notice from my typically-nocturnal posting). Therefore, the prompts I’m choosing aren’t really sticking to the calendar. Here’s her suggestion:

We want five song titles in an order you did not plan.

Song title one tells you your subject.

Number two tells you something to hide (however you want to interpret that).

Within the text of the poem, include the other three titles–word for word.

Here’s what I ended up with for song titles:

1. (Put the Fun Back in) the Funeral, Erin McKeown

2. Sex is Not the Enemy, Garbage

3. Jukebox, Ani DiFranco

4. Pissing in the Wind, Badly Drawn Boy

5. (silence), Guster

The Consoling Cards and Such

The jukebox plays my favorite songs, somewhere

in the distance, and I hover in a corner,

and watch as they sort through the

consoling cards and such, and get

slowly drunker, slowly closer to

one another. I try to hum along,

to croak out a lyric, but I’m

too confined, and out of

time. I’m pissing in the

wind. I can’t breathe

inside this box.

The party’s dying,

and they’re moving

off to comfort the

mselves in their ho

tels and bedroom

s. They relish that

they are living.

My silence

bears wit


to the

ir tears

and to






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