Poem 13 / Csángo Menyhárt

Well, we’ve reached the halfway point of this month’s excursion into poetics. I’ve managed to eke out 12 poems in 14 days. I’m pretty pleased, and hopeful that I’ll keep up my pace. It’s just really good to work on the habit of writing daily, again.

So, today, I’m going with Miz Quickly’s suggestion, another musically-inspired poem. My favorite part of this prompt is: “Give yourself a break. Relax.” Always a necessary reminder for me! Hope you’ll listen to the song while you read. 🙂

Csángo Menyhárt

Slip into this space of dancing rhythm.

Strip away your layers of apprehension,

like a burlesque dancer  in a smoky room,

toes bouncing, hips swinging.

Spindly fingers–spinning plates

and heads, stroking the tarot deck,

the guitar string–

plucking out the future from a set

of minor chords and major arcana.


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