BOSTON (erasure, Jeff Miller)

For April 13, Poets and Writers suggested an erasure poem. It only seems fitting to do one, now. I cannot speak to the events of yesterday. These are the words of Jeff Miller, from the Orange County Register (link from the AP).



Two cops flew past me, blind with panic.

An entire nation — suddenly runners

filled with flashes and booms.


“Someone upstairs dropped something.”

Gear bags. Thousands of bags.

What was in the bags?


A Boston street

shattered, shut down, jammed,

dazed and bloodied, missing limbs.


Six, eight deep

with heart, spirit, splintered.

Mass murder. Silence.


Consider fortune:

“If you were slower,

that could have been you.”


2 Responses to “BOSTON (erasure, Jeff Miller)”

  1. Its almost beyond expression. The sense of sadness and outrage combined. We can only offer those involved out thoughts and prayers

    • Sarah Haynes Says:

      Yes. As I said, I can’t really speak of it myself. I’m glad Miller could, and did as well as he did.

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