Found poem: Comments on a poem for Dzhokhar

Amanda Palmer wrote this poem. I’m writing a found poem from the comments on it. My thanks to all whose words I’ve borrowed.


By nature art is reactionary.

Since when was art how you got your news?

Poems are poems because they’re poetical.

poetry isn’t inherently factual.

Reportage: it’s imagination–

an act of creative response.

Don’t trust the media, trust poetry.

About form and function: people have been

butchering each other for ages, head and body–

(dead a little, just white noise).

Terrorism is not romantic.

Poetry isn’t journalism.

It’s hard for me not to think about him as a human,

as a kid, he didn’t want to lose his brother.

But in the end he did.


My heart breaks for the hate,

My heart breaks for him,

My heart breaks for the victims.

My heart is broken all around.

I just don’t want to succumb to hate.

Justice and vengeance are two different things.

Forgiveness does not overlook the deed: it rises above it.

I do not spend my spleen on what you consider concrete:

the world simply is much more complicated.

If only is now the story of his life.

Is it possible to know where pity is better spent?

Maybe pity is not [in]finite.


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