Thank You.

Thank you to the herring I ate last January first.

Thank you to the company that hired me with a green Mohawk.

Thank you to my mother and uncle, who have given me so much.

Thank you to my adoptive sister and father, who’ve patiently stood by me.

Thank you to my father and his spouse, who have listened so graciously.

Thank you to all my friends, who are unbelievably wonderful.

Thank you to technology, for connecting me to so much in life.

Thank you to nature, your beauty astounds me.

Thank you to music, your friendship is invaluable.

Thank you to life, for all you have provided this year.

Thank you to life, for all you’ve allowed me to provide.

Thank you to this year, for your kindness, for your patience, for your presence.

Thank you, providence.

Thank you, universe.

Thank you.


My blessings are incalculable. I cannot begin to properly show my gratitude, but I will do all I can to pay my good fortune forward.


May your coming year be as blessed as my past one has been. I wish you all the best, now and forever.


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