No Color

Nowhere near perfect, but I can’t capture perfection in words…


I bet you thought that I had no poetry for you,

it’s been long enough to warrant it, but here’s the truth:

I’ve saved it up for this occasion, I’ve saved it up for

just this time, when you’re away and won’t read it,

till after you know how I already feel for you.

Or maybe I’m wrong and you’ll know

right away how I feel, you’ll know that you’re–

(I guess I realized,

I guess I realized that you’re–)

my magic hour, my favorite place in time,

my special die, my favorite face, the best thing in my life,

and you’ll ignore it, to be polite,

you’ll forget these words on sight,

but you should just remember

that these words came on cue to

keep in time with a song that came from you.

These words came just in time to

keep the cue, sent from you.

And RoseArt also doesn’t

And Derwent also doesn’t

And Prismacolor still doesn’t have

A color for your eyes.

And no one has a color for our love,

No color for your eyes…


2 Responses to “No Color”

  1. Patrick Raines Says:

    Damn, I stopped checking this site too soon apparently, very sneaky waiting until I was out of the country to post a bunch of love poems.

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