Spring 2014 Issue 1

To the poets out there!

Red Wolf Journal

Red Wolf journal is now inviting submissions for our first themed publication!
RWJ 2014.1 covxCover artwork: Cocoon 2 © Catrin Welz-Stein, used with permission.
          Home is where we have a history.    Terry Tempest Williams
Welcome to the inaugural Red Wolf Journal, Spring 2014 , Issue 1.
We invite your poems submitted to our theme, “The Art of Habitation”. Poems that are engaged with the idea of dwelling, whether the feeling is one of rootedness or a lack of it. Is it a fixed idea or constantly changing? Does it require negotiation?
Look also at language and the root sources here. Precisely who is doing the habitation, and into what or whom is that happening. Boundaries are (mostly?) a matter of mental process, so look at those lines and suggest to us what and where is the nature of habitation.
Poems might…

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